Friday, April 6, 2012

Widmer Bros. Omission Gluten-Free Beer Review

Last week I was asked to guest blog for Beer West magazine. The subject: Widmer Brothers' Omission Gluten-Free Beers. I've written a lot of beer articles lately, and I didn't want to force overconsumption on you, so I've decided to provide you with a link to the article instead. I hope you like it. I had you in mind the entire time.

*Update on April 12, 2012: After giving it some time, I've revisited this beer. I am beginning to realize that my stomach can't digest it. I couldn't tell at first, because I accidentally ate dairy the first night I tried Omission, and then ate a heavy meal on top of that.

Omission's creating the finest gluten-free beer on the market at present, so I'm disappointed in my digestive system for creating this obstacle. Love thyself, love thyself, love thyself...

I don't think the gluten content is my problem, because I can tolerate small amounts of gluten, and tests have shown that these beers are well below the national standard for being considered gluten-free (containing less than 20 parts per million of gluten protein.) Many celiacs and gluten-intolerant people are having no symptoms from drinking Omission beers, so I think my case is rare. Still, I thought you should know that it's not for everyone.

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  1. I never suffer from beer fatigue. Thanks for the article!